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We are proud to offer an upgraded version of the DNS SS-W80A-AR and SS-W80B-AR spin scubber.  This modified version has a greater throughput and many enhanced capabilities.




Increased Throughput
  • 270 WPH with four front scrubbing units (using 38 secs of process time/unit)
  • 135 WPH with two front & two back scrubbing units (using 38 secs of process time/unit)
Smaller foot print design
  • No external power AC rack
New Windows OS based Scheduler Software with PC Controller
  • Allows for one recipe for one wafer (max 25 recipes for one lot)
  • Online SECS/GEMS compatible built-in software
  • Wireless control touch panel display for easy maintenance
  • Full operation log data storage

Non-DNS OEM Parts

  • Lower lead time for parts
  • Lower prices for parts
  • No specialized OEM components required
  • Recent conventional market items such as motors & drivers


New GUI Software with Touch Screen and Wireless (WIFI) Access to Control

Please call us at +1 512 453 7587 or email us at info@plusllc.net for pricing and information.