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Size Conversion
6 inch → 8 inch
SMIF Conversion
Uni-cassette station → integrated SMIF cassette station
Interface Change
Canon → ASML

Chemical Supply Change

Canister supply → CSS bulkfill

Configuration Changes

Coater cup, develop cup, hotplate, & chill plate additions

Resist Pump Changes

Iwaki FT-100 → RDS pump

Develop Nozzle Changes

E2 nozzle → H nozzle



LED UV Lamp Housing Upgrade
  • Longer life time
  • No standby time for light up
  • No shutter or light guide required
Degas Module
  • Removal of micro bubbles
    in solvent or develop solution
Chemical Supply Enhancements
  • Resist bar code system
  • Resist flow monitoring system
  • Micro bubble monitoring system

Upgrade to Advanced Interface

  • Changes normal IFB to advanced IFB
  • Increased throughput

High Speed Robot Upgrade

  • ACT8 PRA increases 12% WPH
  • ACT8 IRA increases 12% WPH
  • ACT8 CRA increases 12% WPH

Battery-less Voltage Sag Protection

  • No maintenance required
  • No battery replacement
  • 2 year warranty
  • 3 phase protection
  • Small foot print


Installations, Decommissions, and Relocations

MkV, MkVz, Mk7, Mk8, ACT8, ACT8 SOD, ACT8 PIQ, ACT12

Parts Repair

  • SMC Thermo-con INR series
  • MSE181 series power supplies
  • Hoya-Schott UV light sources

RDS Pump Refurbishment

  • Diaphram replacement
  • Diaphram oil replacement
  • Motor replacement
  • Trade-in option

Training Program

  • In-house Mk7/8 training program
  • On-site ACT8 training program

Please call us at +1 512 453 7587 or email us at info@plusllc.net for more information on any of the above services.